Tuesday, March 9, 2010

no photos!

I have soooo much to blog about! but i kinda want to do them with pictures...i even save some pictures and not upload them on facebook so i can upload then on my blog exclusively...BUT

DANG BLOGGER WONT LET ME UPLOAD PICS!!!!!!! and i havent been able to for a long time now!

anyone know the reason? and how do i fix it???

Friday, March 5, 2010

...i love him...

My little boy is getting bigger everyday. 5 weeks after he was born, his weight is now 9lbs 4oz and his length is 22 1/2 inches. He is starting to get more aware of his surroundings and we love how he is also starting to interact with us.

I love everything about my little guy. He is a very good baby and havent given us too much trouble. Knock on wood that it last this way. Right now, while im waiting for my work visa to get finalized, i get to spend my whole day with him and i love it!

My heart melts whenever he does this...

But i also think that its super cute when he does this...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sad Day...

My mum took a six weeks leave from work so she can come to Hawaii and help me with the new baby. She got here on the 22nd of January, 3 days before the baby was born and yesterday it was time for her to go back to New Zealand. Sad sad day...

I wish I lived closer to my family. Im sad that my parents wont get to see their grandchild grow up. Ill have to share all of his achievements with the help of skype. I guess this is the challenge that i hear when it comes to marrying someone from another country.

Next time my mum gets to see my son would be December which will also be my dads' first time to see him.. And by that time, Hyrum would be 11months already.

I wasnt expecting to be so emotional because im usually not the crying type of person. But i was holding back tears as soon as we got to the airport. I couldnt hold it anymore and started crying when my mum handed over the baby and i was crying all the way home. Mav was really sweet and tried making me feel better by asking to stop for ice cream or something but i just wanted to go home. He even offered to go to the mall and buy me watever i want (which i shouldve totally taken advantage of).

Then he came home today with a flower bouquet just because he loves me. Im not a big fan of flowers either but that was very much appreciated.