Thursday, June 18, 2009

Half an Anniversary

So this post is going to be pretty cliche, but I must do it...

First Month

Second Month

Third Month

Fourth Month

Fifth Month

Sixth Month

Six months married and LOVIN it!

I know this is only the beginning but our adventures together have been great!  Its only been six months yet we have shared a lot of happiness together already.  And there are FOR SURE many more to come...

Here's the cliche part...I am sooo soooo sooooooooo lucky to be married to the most wonderfullest awesomest greatest man in the world...Maverick makes me happy each and every day and I am very grateful that I have him to share my life with and eternity.  Having the assurance that we are going to be together forever is such a great feeling because I know that I will have my very very best friend for time and all eternity.  Time has gone very fast but I sure have enjoyed it!  Love yah lots honey bunch!!!