Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Overdue

I have been the biggest slacker with updating my blog. Its not a great time to be slacking off to because SSSSOOOOOOO many things has happened that is worth blogging about.

To start off, the little stinker is now 3 months old! CAN YOU BELIEVE!!! He has a strong neck and can hold it up for a few minutes at a time. He is a big smiler and sometimes a giggler. But, if he is upset or wants something, he makes it known! Change his diaper, his dum dum (binkie), a bottle, a boob, sleep, out of his carseat, a cuddle or a combination of any of those. Actually, he is a very happy baby. He really only cries when he wants something then once you give it to him, he'll stop crying. I consider Maverick and myself blessed with our little one because it's easy to take care of him esp with our situation. Since Mav attends classes everyday, and I work 40hrs a week, we have to work out our schedulle around each other so that we can balance him. As much as possible we want Hyrum to spend as little time with a babysitter as possible. So when Mav has class or work, I have Hyrum. Which means that I either go on my lunch break or have him at the office with me. All the other times that Mav doesnt have work or class, he has him at home or at the library. We do have a handful of babysitters for a couple of hours on Mon, Wed and Fri because I need to be at work uninterrupted and Mav has a class. Other than that, we do pretty good passing him between us two. So it is vital that Hyrum is a good boy because otherwise I wouldnt be able to take him to work and Mav would never be able to study while he is with him.

He is also a good sleeper (actually, he's always been a good sleeper) and he's awake longer now during the days. Which is really fun coz he interacts with us. He is just a pleasure! I love seeing his little achievements and just watching him grow and be more attentive about himself and his surroundings. He is also starting to fill out and getting his chunks on so I have fun squeezing and bitting his little chubby cheeks and thighs.

On a different note, I have started working again...40 hours a week...YAP!!! pretty crazy stuff! BUT, I love my job! Im an intern for the campus news center called Ke Alaka'i. We print a magazine every week and I pretty much do whatever I am asked to do like taking pictures, doing a page layout, editing podcasts, uploading things on our website, updating our facebook page and such and such. Im really grateful that I got this job because I have flexible hours which can cater to Mavs class schedule, I can sometimes work from home, and Hyrum can hang out in the office sometimes which is extremely helpful. The paycheck isnt bad either...If you would like to see what Ke Alaka'i is all about go to we could always use more site hits.

To finish off, here are more pictures of what Hyrum has been up to lately

Met him wife, Reyna Noelani Auna.

He can roll over from his tummy to his back...these 4 pics are right after each other, I was just moving.

Went to the beach for the very first time on his 3rd month birthday...he even went in the water for about 20 seconds...cried at first but we think he liked it...hehehe

and grew a NICE set of teeth!!!