Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life Keeps Going

I'd like for life to pause just like what happened to this blog. 
If only that was possible...

I have been quite the busy body lately. So busy that weeks just flew like a rocket headed to space. FAST!!!

So many things to catch up on so let's start with my mothers' visit.
My ever dearest mum travelled 27 hours (and more on the way back) to help out with the new baby. Long story short I was and am very grateful for the help, the sacrifice, the fun, companionship and the love that she provided during her 5 weeks stay in our humble abode. It's funny how we still need our moms even in adulthood.

I was sad, to say the least, when it was time for her to go. It's just feels like something else to have family close by.
Hyrum took this picture.
I guess it's one of the many sacrifices that I have to make with marrying someone so far away from home. In a way I kinda feel guilty for taking away my parents only grandchildren away from them but we just gotta do what we gotta do. I know a lot of people that are reading this are also away from their families. So know that I understand your situation and we just gotta keep on keeping on.
On different news,

Halia is growing and thriving a lot better than the first two weeks of her life. She was literally starved and even lost weight during the beginning because I was exclusively breastfeeding but wasn't producing enough to keep up (although I thought I did), so I have to supplement with formula whether I like it or not.
She is now TWO MONTHS!!! Like I said, rocket speed!
She is such a delight to have in our lives. She is just starting to smile and "talk" so it's been really fun to witness it. Still makes my heart melt every time.
As I said on my earlier post, she was very calm in utero. And my hopes that it continues after birth actually looks very promising. For one thing, she is definitely a better sleeper than Hyrum.

Speaking of Hyrum, he is now successfully POTTY TRAINED!!! Remember this post, yah well I chickened out and didn't even start it. And since the thought of diapering two kids (esp the cost) bothered me so much, I knew I had to do it sooner than later. So 2 1/2 weeks after Halia was born, we said goodbye to size 5 diapers and hi to Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen underwears.
The whole potty training process SUCKED! My mother was still here when we started so there was another nagger present besides me. Which was GREAT!

We used a potty chart and gave him a sticker for pees, 2 stickers for poops, then candy after 5 stickers and a toy car when he fills up the whole chart (25 stickers). Ow and a whole lotta cheering and hi-5s. Here is where I got the chart from. 
We only finished 3 charts. He was uninterested in them after a while and would go potty on his own with no rewards needed.
It took a week for him to get the gist of it. Then the next week he was down to just one or two accidents a day. THEN, it was my mums last week here so we went out a lot (it takes longer to get used to public pottys). BAD IDEA! Coz he relapsed and was having accidents again left and right.

So I started again and it took another week to get back to where we were.

Three weeks after my mum left, we can now say that he is fully potty trained coz he finally used a public toilet! Although bedtime (we put on a diaper) is a different story since he sleeps in our bed. Plan is we kick him out of our bed first then put him in underwear so if he pees while sleeping then it's just him that gets covered.

Anyways, I've gone in long enough. Here are a few more photos for your viewing pleasure.

My mum wanted to do a quick Utah trip to visit her friends there so we got to see the Auna's again.
And our 'back-up plan' Halia and Isaiah got to meet for the first time.
Hyrum is NOT scared of snow anymore. YAY!!!
Another powder incident.
Dont mind her. Shes just resting her cheeks on her shoulders. hehe
On our way out for Mavericks 27th bday.
Before church shenanigans.
With my pretty girl.