Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Button Gear

So Maverick's lovely grandpa gave everyone one of these. 

He said to put in out pocket so whenever we're feeling lazy or unmotivated, we can reach in our pocket and remember to put our BUTT-ON GEAR!

Well this little thing got lost in an instant...

And I recently found it and it reminded me to get my butt on gear with this blog and my journal writing. Then the our home teachers message was about journal writing. So I then got another nudge to remind me to just do it already. 

Writing in journals is something that I used to do regularly. I enjoy looking through the things that I have written and reminiscing the past. Good and bad. I think one of the best things about it is that my kids will one day be able to read them and learn from them. They will see my true feelings about the world we live in and how I survived through all the trials that comes with it. 

So here I am, once again, rededicating myself to recording all the wonderful, scary, exciting, ambitious, crazy things that happens in my life. 

Just gotta get my BUTTON GEAR!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

18 months - No. 2

Well, whaddya know! Little Miss Destructonator has made it to 18 months!!!

Although I think that it is more appropriate to say that Maverick and I has made it through 18 months with our insanity (somewhat) in tact. 

She now weighs in at 24.5 lbs and is 32.5" tall. Right in the average mark. 

When we found out that we were going to have a girl we knew that we were in for trouble. And holy heck! This girl sure lives up to expectations!!!
She is energetic, sassy, stubborn and soooo much trouble! All disguised by a super pretty, super cute appearance. So don't be fooled. You've been warned! The real reason why she's cute is so that she can get away with all the trouble that she gets into. 
Ok, I guess she's not ALWAYS trouble (maybe just 80% of the time), she can also be quite sweet and extremely funny. I enjoy getting my Heeya cuddles specially the just woken up ones. She has a way of finding a perfect spot in your lap (or arm or tummy or face) even if it means moving you to fit her needs. 

She is VERY friendly and says hi to every single person that we go past by anywhere. 

She loves to share. If you ask her nicely, she will willingly share whatever it is that she has. Even the half chewed candy in her mouth. 
These two are quite the partners, yet, quite the enemies! They LOVE each other and play together so nicely ... UNTIL ... one decides to hit, or get annoyed, or have had enough ... then its World War Mitton House!!!

Just like big bro, Halia's favorite place is outdoors. Truly following in Hyrum's footsteps, she loves to play with sticks, rocks, mud and I honestly always find them hunched over and observing (bothering/smooshing) bugs or insects. 

I think that it is crazy how gender roles automatically comes to play. Because even if my tough little lady can definitely hold her own in the playground (thanks to Hy!), she can also be quite gentle. Her absolute favorite toy is her baby doll. She loves to wrap the baby up in a blanket and rock it while making shushing sounds. She puts the baby in a toy stroller with a sippy cup and pushes it around so proudly. So even if all she really plays with are cars and swords with Hyrum, natural nurturing tendencies comes out when she plays by herself. Which is really fun to watch. 
Her other favorite toys are her pull along buzzy bee, blocks, stuffed toys, balls and she absolutely LOVES books! 

Back during childless days, I told Maverick that we need to have at least one girl so that I can have my dancer. Well my wish may come true with this one because she is quite the performer. If there's a song playing (esp Gangnam Style) guarantee she will start grooving to it. In the house, car, store, or from a TV commercial, during a parade, while eating, wherever it is, when the music goes on she will for sure do her funny little groove. 
At 18 months, Halia is quite a chatter box. Hyrum talked a lot at this age, but my heck, Halia just babbles ALL DAY LONG!!! Most of the time I/we can't really understand what she is saying but once in a while we'll catch on and realize that particular sounds actually mean something. She's getting a lot better at copying words and she even has some small sentences like daddy at work (daddya wok), peekaboo I see you (pitabo ah she yaw),  baby/daddy/mommy/Hyrum where are you (bibi/daddy/mommy/hyra we ah ooo), I don't know (ah no no), open the door (opetaw ba dow), mommy watch (mommy wash), did u see that (she dat), here you go (eh gow), drink of water/milk please (dink wawa/moke peez), eww sticky poopy (ewwee ticky poopy), and love you (wang yuuu). 

We are quite in love with our Heeya Mia. Our lives are definitely more exciting with our crazy strong-willed energizer bunny. 
She is one WILD child but we wouldn't want it any other way!