Saturday, February 23, 2013

Terrible Two No More

Well where do I start...

I want to remember sooo many things about my Hyrum right now. Every moment is an adventure with this little big boy. 
He is a sweetheart and a little terror all bundled up into one crazy non-stop cuddly child of God

I know down the road I will be looking back at this stage and I will miss it a lot! 

He always amazes me with things that he learns from his surroundings. He is super smart! He can spell his name, count to 20, distinguish left and right, has 5 books completely memorized, knows a lot of songs including 3 Tagalog and 1 Japanese among other things.

He can be quite rough with other kids (esp Halia) but he can also be pretty sweet. I love watching him interact with other kids and listening in on their little conversations.

Toddler Lab is great! In fact, it is amazing!!! He has made some friends that's he constantly talks about. Especially his girlfriend Ila. Her mom talked to me and she said that Ila got Legos for Christmas and it had a boy Lego with black hair and she named that Lego Hyrum. Owww! Young love!!! At the end of each class they have to hug and kiss each other goodbye.

This is his girlfriend, Ila
Besides a girlfriend, he has loved his two hours every Tuesdays and Thursdays being able to play with kids his age. The teachers used to need to pry him out of from clinging on to me but now he goes freely all by himself. And he enjoys it! They play, sing song, play, dance, play, eat snacks, play, get messy, play, go outside, play and play and play.

I also don't mind my two hours twice a week of only having one child. I used to go back home and try and do things there but now I do errands instead.

He is fully (even night time) potty trained and has been for a few months now. We still find that he has climbed into our bed most mornings. He is still very much obsessed with airplane, helicopters and rockets. Still in love with being outdoors and still as energetic as ever, jumping off anything that he can jump off of and does flips and somersault on the couch or bed.

For his birthday, we woke him up with a bunch of balloon which he LOVED! Then I had to babysit my nieces so we couldn't really do much. 
We went out to Chili's for dinner when Maverick got home from work. Hyrum got a (free) yummy chocolate volcano dessert which he happily shared with everyone. After dinner we went to ShopKo so he can buy something with the money that grandma and grandpa gave him. I was directing him to get something useful like shoes or clothes BUT I failed. He chose a PlayDoh dentist toy which I am actually ok with. Then we ended the day by opening (and playing with) all of his presents.

The next day, we drop Halia off at my sis n bro in-laws house so that Hyrum, Maverick and I can go to the movie theater. It was Hyrums first time in a movie theatre and he was super super excited. 
We watched Wreck-it-Ralph which is a highly recommended movie and Hyrum was LOLing, making statements and asking questions all throughout. I think it's safe to say that he LOVED it!!!

So on birthdays starting from age 3, we decided that we will do a birthday interview. So here is Hyrums 3rd birthday interview:

We love you Hyrum bud! 
To infinity and BEYOND!!!

And with that, the terrible twos have ceased and on to tantrum threes we go!