Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving In

We moved into an apartment 2 days ago.

Its all very exciting!

But, it is a MESS right now.

We still need a lot of things like dressers and dining table and such.

Its a lot different than moving into TVA. We didnt seem to need to worry about little things like can opener and spatulas and such because of the freebie bin.

We dont have internet yet (and wont have one for a while) so I will only be able to update when we go over to my in-laws. 

So yah, ill do updates later.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Traveling Adventures with my Little Sidekick

For my own sake, I want to record my great accomplishment of traveling alone with Hyrum. So bear with me, this may get a little boring.

PS. This post is a little delayed since I was out of commission for a week. 

Thurday 28 April (NZ time) 11ish am
Last moments with doda, dodo and toti 

Left New Zealand on an 8 1/2 hr flight to Hawaii.
In Auckland airport there this viewing place where people can do their last goodbye .

Got a special assistance from an AirNZ crew which was nice since we buzzed through security, got to pre board before any of the pre boarding was called and got a whole row (3 seats) all to ourselves.

Hy fell asleep while we were taking off so right away, I was confident that it was going to be a good flight.

I only slept for an hour of the 2 hours that he did.

Then, as soon as he woke up, it was PLAYTIME!

Hyrum watched TV, played games on the TV, played with toys, played with the seatbelt, played with the people sitting behind us, played with stickers, paced the aisle, bugged the stewardess, admired the clouds, had lots of snacks, read books, peed on a seat (coz he took his diaper off and I didnt notice), and smiled and waved at everyone that payed attention.
I brought 4 books
Playing with the tv remote
Never ending snacks
Playing with stickers
This one kept him entertained for a while
The flight actually went surprisingly fast. Except for the last hour, where he had just had enough.  And this is the time when we needed to just be seated coz the plane was descending.  So he kicked and screamed and refused anything that I was giving him.  This was also the time that I was tempted to bust out my secret weapon (benadryl). But I didnt since he stopped squirming once he started to feel the pressure on his ears. Then he started to whine because he felt the pressure on his ears but since he didnt want to drink, he just slept it off.

Then, it was the moment of truth. Facing immigration.

If we wouldve risked it 4 month ago, this was the stage that I was scared for.

I was still pretty nervous. Especially after they sent me to another place and got me to sit down on a couch after checking my passport for about 30mins. Good thing Hyrum was asleep during this time.

After all the paperwork was done, I got finger printed, briefed on policies then sent off my merry way. 

Kealani Makaiwi with her husband Josh and twins Jordan and Jayden came to pick us up and welcome us back to Hawaii. 
Jordan and Jaydon with Hyrum making mischief

Thursday April 28 (Hawaii time)

NZ is a day ahead so we had a Thursday redo.

We headed off to Laie with Kealani and the twins at about 6am and dropped off our luggage at the Ke Alakai office for safe keeping during the day.

We stayed there for a little bit till I got the day all planned out.

Then we went to TVA to say hi and goodbye to old neighbors then off to the beach.
Hitomi and Amy with baby Tae and baby Marcus

A quick photo shoot with Marianna to remember our Hawaii then it was me and Hyrum time with the beach.
My phone camera doesnt give Temple Beach any justice

I sat there with Hyrum on my lap feeling the sand and the waves.  It was really nice. I talked to Heavenly Father then said my Aloha O'e.

Went back to TVA and had a shower at the Gomez's then met up with Leahi and Alex to do a quick geocaching run. Then picked up Bro. Crowell's truck so we could use it to go to the airport.
My first geocache out of NZ
Then off we go. Security was a hassle. Hyrum was active. Waiting was a pain. Then we get slapped with a..."This flight is full, stand-by passengers will now be put on the next flight." Did I mention we were flying stand-by for the first time... The next flight (and last flight out of Oahu to the mainland) was to San Francisco which was also full. Turns out, an earlier flight with 300 people got cancelled so all those people had to be on another flight. Which means all stand-bys had no chance of getting out of the island. After much confusion, stress, anxiety and calls to Maverick, we decided to just purchase a ticket for the next night to secure a seat. I called Ckaz who lives in town then caught a taxi to crash at her house for the night.
Honolulu Airport at 1AM, shot while waiting for the taxi
My poor Hyrum was so exhausted. Im sure he would be cursing me for putting him through this ordeal if he could talk. I was so mad at myself.

Regardless, we had a good night sleep and woke up ready to play.

Friday 29 April

Just chilled at Ckaz's house. Took naps, played with baby Kalen, last minute Walmart trip to top-up the snacks. then off to the airport again.
It was great to spend the day to catch up with these two
Security was still horrendous, waiting on the gate was long, the flight was super full, but, as soon as the plane engine started the boy was OUT! 

and he didnt wake up until we landed in Pheonix, Arizona.

Thank goodness for red-eye flights!

Saturday 30 April


Ive done so much traveling already that a little hour and a half plane ride to Boise, Idaho was nothing.

I can finally see the end!

Thank you jetlag and time difference since it was still only 4am in Hyrums body clock.

He slept right through this flight too, which made it so easy!

We landed. Turned phone on. Walk (jogged) towards baggage claim. AND


Mr. Maverick Mitton in his reggae color shirt and shorts with a smile beaming from ear to ear.

16 weeks and 4 days has come down to this very moment. 


And as a bonus, Hyrum recognized his daddy and would push me whenever I would lean in to hug him.

(Until I got deathly sick a day later)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Too much traveling has gotten me all DIZZY dizzy!

Like literally.

I havent been able to get up without stumbling since Monday.

Which means looking after the little one has been everybody elses responsibility.

Kinda sucky!

BUT, im getting better.