Sunday, May 30, 2010

Outdoor Fun

My little Hyrum boy is now 4 months old! He is 16 lbs 13 oz, 25 inches long and a big ball of energy! He LOVES being outdoors so I thought id do a little photo blog of some of our outdoor adventures.

LOVES the swing

At Pounders beach watching daddy bodyboard

That swing again

and again

At Turtle beach (where LOST is also filmed)

Talking a little dip to cool off

We had a three day weekend because of Memorial Day so we went to the beach with our friends from California Keri and Kris Bianchini and here is what Hyrum thought of it...


Got left by himself

First time touching sand

Playing with waves

with mummy

with daddy

On a different note, we will be heading over to Idaho in 6 days!!! Maverick has an internship with a physical therapist in the next town from his hometown and we are going to be there for 6 weeks. We are all excited! I'll write about it more when the time comes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day weekend...and then some

My first ever official Mothers Day!

It started off on Thursday May 6, Maverick took me out on a dinner date at Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki. It was the only day that we didnt have any previous engagements at night so he my mothers day came a little early. Janelle Parker was very kind enough to babysit Hyrum from 7:30pm to whatever time we get home so this was also the first time that we have been away from Hyrum for a long time.

We left Laie around 7:30, got to Waikiki around 8:30, seated at around 9:00, ate and talked stories till bout 10:15 and got back home at 11:30...tiring night! But very very fun!

Maverick had a chicken n steak plate with mashed potatoes and I had some sort of chicken pasta...they were both DELISH!!!

Then for dessert, we had an uber yummy red velvet cheesecake that was soooo good we only had about 2 bites each and we couldnt eat anymore.

After dessert we chit chatted for a little bit and laughed and made funny faces at each other. In this picture Mav was trying to separate his eyeballs, meaning the left one looking to the left side and the right eye looking to the right. As you can see, he failed miserably.

Then we walked out of the restaurant hand in hand all ready to come back to get Hyrum who we missed...I was txting Janelle all night asking how he was doing.

On Friday May 7, the men in our ward had put together a mothers day dinner for all the mothers and future mothers. We had a nice barbeque dinner at the TVA pavilion. It was fun takin stories with everyone and enjoying the nice (windy) friday night. I didnt bring a camera so no pictures of this day.

On Saturday May 8, we went to a service project of cleaning up Malaekahana beach then we just chilled at home till about 2pm. Then we headed off to Honolulu and got me my mothers day presents. 3 new shirts and a dress. Ive been complaining that i dont have any clothes to wear. Im still no where near my post pregnancy weight and size but my pregnancy clothes are getting big. I didnt want to buy any clothes for the longest time so that I can make it an encouragement to loose my pregnancy weight, but its just frustrating trying to find clothes to wear in the morning so I give up. Besides, i needed more nursing friendly clothes too.

After shopping, we met up with the Aunas and headed over to Jaime and Ckazs house for dinner in Honolulu. I made apple crisp which turned out great! Ckaz made Filipino curry with rice and Janice made taco salad. It was a yummy dinner! we stayed there till the babies started to go crazy. Then it was time to go home when they had enough.

On Sunday May 9 (official mothers day), I woke up to a special pancake breakfast by the lovely husband. Even Hyrum had a gift for me. We slept in till 8am!!! he usually wakes me up at around 6am then talks my ear off till its time for me to go to work.

Mav made me a lei to wear to church and Hyrum declared his love for me with his bib. Such a little cutie patoots! I love it when his eyes disappear when he smiles! heheeh

At church, the men gave us all a rose each. Hyrum stole mine and wouldnt let go of it.

To end it all, we had a yummy potluck dinner with our neighbors. We (meaning Maverick) made enchiladas, Amy n hubby made salad and rice and lentils, Becky n hubby made cookies. I didnt take pictures either. Sorry!

So all in all it was a great first mothers day! Thanks for all the greetings! im thankful for my mother. Im thankful that I have the opportunity to be a mother...It really is a great role to hold. Thanks to my husband for making the day (or the 4 days) special.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Breaking News!

The little stinker has...


On Friday night he was chewing on my finger when I noticed that there was something hard in his mouth...i looked and sure enough the hard thing was a little white line on his bottom gums...

Crazy stuff! It was totally unexpected since he hasnt been drooling more than usual and he hasnt really been fussy.

I cant believe it! then this morning I was poking about inside his mouth and felt the other tooth right next to the one that has broke through. I cant see it yet but i can feel it so it shud be showing anytime soon too.