Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Daughter for Me


Halia Chiya Carreon Mitton

Let me start with the meaning of her name.

HALIA - pronounced hali-yah. Is Hawaiian which means remembrance.

CHIYA - came from my little sisters nickname, Chia. She died at 19months in 1989.

So pretty much, in remembrance of Chia.

This beautiful little angel came into our lives on January 12, 2012. At a small size of 5 lbs and 15 oz, and 18 1/2 inches.

At around 12:15am I woke up with painful contractions that where almost unbearable but still around 10mins apart. I didn't think much of it since i woke up the previous night with similar contractions at 10mins apart which went away in the morning.

At around 1am, they were getting worse and the time was closing in at around 6-7mins. I decided I'd wait one more contractions till I wake Maverick up. One more contraction turned out to be 3 more and by the time the third one came I was in CRAZY pain!
I woke Maverick up and told him it was time and we packed the car and headed to his brothers house to drop Hyrum off, then straight on to the emergency room.
We got admitted at around 1:45am and hurried to labor and delivery which was annoyingly on the 3rd floor and through a bunch of hallways. By this time, I was in a lot of pain and was feeling that "pushing time" was close.
I told the nurses that I labor really fast so after I hurriedly changed into the hospital gown, they checked me and said that I was already at 8cms.

I had nurses left and right trying to do all the pre birth stuff, like ivs n paper work. The doctor arrived panting from running up 3flights of stairs and checked me right away. Still at 8cms 100% effaced, he decided that there is still a little bit of time left so he left to get his clothes changed and do his prep.
Dr. Romney only saw me twice before I gave birth coz I had to transfer hospitals when we moved.
About 10mins later I felt the urge to push. The nurse beside me who was still typing things then checks me again then runs outside to call the doctor.

Maverick says that by the time the doctor sat down her head was already crowning. They didn't even have time to take the stirups out n such. The dr just had to sit sideways on my bed. 2 pushes later her head was out, then 1 more for the rest of her body.

She was born at 2:11am. 26 minutes after we got to the hospital.
Meeting my little girl for the first time. 
PRETTY CRAZY STUFF! Based on my 4hr labor with Hyrum, we knew I was going to be fast... But not THAT fast!

So now we are a family of four.
She is a perfect little addition to our not-so-perfect little family. It's still pretty surreal for me to have 2 kids. I called the doctors office today to make Halia's 2 week and Hyrum's 24 months check-ups and I was caught off guard when I said "I'd like to make an appointment for my son and my daughter." I was like, woaahhh! I have a daughter!

So we are adjusting well. Hyrum is starting to warm up to his sister (he wouldn't even look at her at the hospital). She is eating well (thank goodness), sleeping well and is already bringing so much joy into our lives.
Finally touched her. (Didnt last very long tho)
Im excited to see what her personality is going to be. Still hoping that she will be my calm child that will be satisfied with just watching her crazy brother.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Post-partum Blues

Ow the hormones have kicked in.
Which are causing crazy changes.
Massive breast and meaningless emotions.
Like when I cried watching Justin Bieber Movie.
And that's saying a lot since I never cry in movies and I don't like Justin Bieber.

Being left alone with a rambunctious two year old and a newborn three days after giving birth was pretty overwhelming.
I was very much regreting having the baby early (not that I had any control over it).
But, alas, we made it through the week with a lot of help from Barney, Super Why, Blue Clues, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the Toy Story gang (we watched Toy Story 1, 2 & 3 a gazillion times that even Hyrum has lines memorized).
Ow and of coarse, the people in the ward that brought us dinner everyday of the week that was enough to go on for lunch the next day.

Halia by herself wouldve been easy to handle. And Hyrum im used to spending the day with. But together...

Especially when this happen...

Makes me want to pull my hair out.

Don't get me wrong, I think pregnancy and childbirth is a MIRACLE that I am very grateful to have been given opportunities to experience.

And I have embraced motherhood with arms wide open (although it didnt happen overnight) and Ive been enjoying it and making the most out of it. 

So theres my rant. Thanks for 'listening'.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


My son doubled in size overnight...

Or at least that's what it feels like.

It seems like he grew soooo much once the baby was here.

Anyone else felt the same when the second child came along?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have TWO babies?!?!

I now have TWO


No longer a kid, a child, a baby.

My spawn is now plural!

That is insane!
Out of this world!!!

Alrighty. I'm gonna go get some rest now...

Crazy birth story to follow.

Monday, January 9, 2012

39 Weeks

I was exactly at this point of my pregnancy when I gave birth to Hyrum.
The day I gave birth to Hyrum
Me yesterday
I am still hoping to go until 41 weeks (Jan 21st to be exact), but anything goes right.

It is getting A LOT harder to be pregnant. Which makes me want to give birth NOW!

I am NOT taking any extra efforts to get things going like last time. Maybe if it wasnt so cold outside I would maybe go for walks with Hyrum...maybe...hehehe

Anyways, anyone wanna guess when baby girl will grace our presence???

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catch up post: 3-year Anniversary

Our third year anniversary this year fell on a Sunday so we decided to celebrate it on a Saturday. Little did we know that that Saturday was going to be the final moving day so it was a lot crazier than we anticipated.
Amidst all the packing, cleaning, unpacking and more cleaning, we just decided to take a break to dress up and go out to dinner.

So we dropped Hyrum off at Mavericks brothers house and we went to a nice Italian restaurant.

It was a great break for an otherwise very busy day.
Bad quality low light camera phone...sorry!
We both got great food and had a great time just sitting down and talking without the distraction of a rowdy child who doesn't usually do well in restaurants.

Best of all, dinner was on Mavericks new job. 
a week on the job and he got a Christmas bonus
So here's to another grand year full of adventures, trials, laughters, and mystery. We had a good amount of downs this year (specially being miles apart at the beginning of the year) but it has taught us a lot of life lessons that has definetly strengthened our relationship.
I'm so grateful I get to spend eternity with a great guy. 
Who loves me, cares for me, works hard and is a great father.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I am not a big fan of PINK...

It's a very girly color and too much of it makes my eyes kinda scream.

Not that it's not a pretty, it's just isn't in my top color preference.

Then in comes the baby girl...

And we are seeing PINK!


Although I am very grateful for everything that we have been given (we've only bought about 20outfits from a yard sale plus the going home outfit)

All these pink is making me even more nervous to have a girl!

AAAAHHHHHH!!! 2-3 more weeks to go!!!

From baby shower with family in Oakley
From baby shower put together by Burley 4th Ward sisters.