Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Last Monthaversary...

November 18, 2009 marked our very last monthaversary.  So we decided to go to town for a different scene.  Its always nice to get out of Laie, even for a little bit, so we headed off to Mililani for dinner and MORE Christmas decoration shopping.  We figured wer going to go all out (with a pretty small budget) for Christmas decorations since wer staying here away from both sides of the family. 

Here are the things that we bought to complete our Christmassy house.


 Our Nativity scene

  Wall stickers...These are my favourite...only $2 or $4 from walmart...we also have one on our front door that says "we wish you a merry christmas"

  more lights

  ornaments for the tree

  Another Nativity thing

 We got this ornament from our honeymoon at Jackson Haul, Wyoming last year.  Im in the process of making our "parents-to-be" ornament.  A Christmas tradition that we want to do is to pick out an special ornament every year. And get our kid(s) to pick out theirs too.  So we only have a few right now because we figured it is going to multiply with the years.

and the all important star on top of the tree

We got home around 10:30pm and finished the decorations and got more warm fuzzy feelings!

So here's for our last monthaversary...wer going to only do Anniversaries from now on...hehehe...monthaversaries are expensive and hard to remember...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting Poked...

I got my glucose tolerance test last wednesday and I guess they ran out of grown up bandaids...

Where did time go?

So I was sitting on the couch today thinking of the things that I need to do this coming week...FHE on mon, photography assignment due on tues, spanish test on wed and so on, when I realized that this coming week is my 30th week of pregnancy! How the heck am I at this stage already? 7 more weeks and I would be full term which means baby can come out anytime that he wants...7 short weeks! That's like a blink of an eye! CRAZZZYYY!!!!!!!!

I know I use to much exclamation marks, but when I want to emphasize 'freaking out' then i think it is necessary.  Technically, im not really freaking out but just anxious at what is coming in the next couple of months.  As of now, I cant really say that we are ready just yet.  We bought a stroller yesterday unexpectedly (because it was on a clearance sale) which was pretty exciting.  And its been assembled and all ready.  We just need an infant carseat to go along with it.  ]

Also, another exciting thing that happened yesterday was that we bought our first ever Christmas tree! Its a little skinny 6ft tree that we got for $25 at Target and it fits perfectly inside our little living room.  Originally, I just wanted a little 3fter but those cost like $18.  So Maverick convinced me to get a bigger once for a little bit more.  We were so excited that we assembled it as soon as we got home, even though Thanksgiving day isnt really done yet.  

We dont have a star on top yet coz we didnt see the perfect one at Target, so we are still in a lookout for it.  Instead, we have this fibre glass blinky light thing that we got from like Spring 08 Ball as a temporary tree topper.  

So anyways, heres me at 29 weeks.

Baby is definitely definitely in there causing a raucous.  I think that it is crazy how he manages to wake me up at 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning by moving around.  I really cant describe the feeling of being poked/tickled from the inside.  It is still soooo weird to see my tummy moving like there is an alien inside, but I LOVE IT!  Just truly truly amazing!  I love feeling baby move coz then I know that he is okay.

Super excited to see his little face in 7-10 weeks!  

Ohhh and my mum has booked her ticket to come here and help us out on Jan 22, so thats very relieving! Too bad my dad cant make it, wouldve been great for him to see his first grandbaby.

Ohhhhh and President Monson is coming here next Sunday (Nov 22) for our regional conference!  We are soooooo lucky that we are able to come and listen to his voice in person.  But im gonna leave that story till next time coz this entry is getting toooo long.

Much love and Alohaz!