Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Mitton is a...



here are the scans

This is a side view...your can sorta see the outline of his head and legs

This is his little foot with 5 toes

And this is what determines his boyness...hehehe...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Mitton's a WHAT???

We find out tomorrow what this wriggling creature is inside me.


Boy or Girl??? I think boy...Maverick wishes a well see in a day!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Date Day 09-09-09

September 09, 2009 marked the last day of my very last final for my very last Communication class.  I just had a seven page paper about the future of organizations to hand in that day at 9:50am then I was free!!!

Anyways, it just so happened that it was also Mavericks day off from both the Kualoa Ranch and the PCC so basically from the time that I got out of my class till wenever...we were both free!!!

Oww...lemme start the story from a different place...On Monday, we have finally found a great car that meets our budget.  After a very obsessive few days checking and checking craigslist over and over again, Maverick came across a royal blue 96 Ford Taurus that looked pretty good in pictures.  So he did his thing.  Called and arranged a time to meet and...lo and behold...'


Maverick named it Ramesis because the guy who sold it to him was Egyptian.  So hes a pretty good looking car and he runs great too!  And he is also is my birthday present!!! nways, we decided to test him out and get to know him better on the 9th of the 9th 2009. 

Here's what happened:

First we went to this place.

This is Malaekehana Beach Park or otherwise known as Castles.  At first I didnt want to go all the way to the North Shore because I didnt want to have any temptations to spend money.  Castle is about a 5 min drive so we just laid out for a while until we got so hot and bored so we decided that we do want to go to the North Shore after all. 

On the way there we stopped at the Kahuka Farm fruit stands and bought some of these.

 And yes, they are the green ones.  I love love LOVE super sour green mangoes! Maverick doesnt understand but he still buys it for me...and even if he hates hates HATES the smell of bagoong (which is what i eat it with - a filipino type of shrimp paste thing).

And then made our way to Halei'wa.  For those of you who have never been in Oahu, driving to the North Shore is great!  Hawaii is just beautiful and that drive is full of amazing sights!  Also, its round bout the time that the surf is starting to come back up so the waves are looking great!

We ate at Kua'aina Burgers and I got an avocado burger which looks like this.

 and it was as yummy as it looked! Maverick got the bacon burger which is pretty much the same but with a bacon instead of an avocado.

Then we stopped at some beach (I think it was genegators) to watch some of this

 But the surf was smaller by this time and the sun was blazing hot so we left after a few minutes.

Sorry bout my photos but as shocking as it seems, I forgot to bring my camera that day.  So I had to pull these out from google.

Now, for some baby news...IT has been moving sooooo much!!! Maverick is getting frustrated with me because I try and make him feel IT but I guess ITS movement is still too light for him to feel anything...but last night, I was sitting all slouched on the sofa and IT started moving.  So I watched my tummy and I could see it moving...or more like twitching...hehehe...I just thought that it was cool coz now I am seeing more proofs that this baby is well and truly getting bigger and stronger...not that the growing belly is not proof enough...

Anyways, dats all from me for now...Hope everyone is doing great!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Leadership Learned from COMM353

COMM353 which is also known as Organizational Communication is the last communication class that I needed to fulfill my education requirement at BYU-Hawaii.  It also happens to be a class that the hardest communication teacher on campus.  I actually started this blog entry while I was in class but never finished it.  So I thought I better finish it.  Anyways, here is just a small part of what we learn about at International Cultural Studies students.

"When a man in the beginning of his life is ignorant or everything, he has no scruples, finds no obstacles, no inhibitions.  But after a while he starts to learn, and becomes timid, cautious, and begins to feel something choking in his mind, which prevents him form going ahead as he used to before he had any learning.  Learning is needed, but the point is not to become its slave.  You must be its master so that you can use it when you want it.  The ultimate goal of discipline in all arts where leaning gained is learning lost."

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So the end of the first ever BYUH First Term is coming to an end.  This also means that I am 1 class and 1 seven page paper away from my very last communication class EVER!!! I am pretty excited especially for the one week off that we have till Fall Semester.  Then not so excited to tackle Spanish 301 once again...

Anyways, I have started a new job.  I now work at the Campus News Center which is also called the Ke Alaka'i.  We publish a magazine issue of campus news, community, sports and all sorts of other fun stuff every 2 weeks during the terms and every week during the semesters.  My job is pretty much page layout/graphic designer/photographer/podcaster.  Or whatever else they want me to do.  Ive been involved with two issues so far, which has been a lot of fun.  I really enjoy it coz playing around on InDesign, FinalCut Pro and Photoshop are a lot of fun for me.  For those who dont know what Ke Alaka'i is about you can visit our website at

As for baby news, I am now 19 weeks and still havent had any morning sickness and food cravings.  I am feeling more and more pregnant each day though and I really cant deny this bump that is protruding out of the tummy area anymore (and the chest).  We will be having our next ultrasound scan on my 24th birthday which will be a great present since we also get to find out the sex of the baby on this day!  Maverick, of coarse, is decided that it is a boy.  So I give you permission to tease and taunt him if it turns out to be a girl.  The baby is getting stronger now and I am for certain that I feel its little kicks and punches now.  I dont really know when it started coz there were a number of times that i think i felt it but it might be a muscle spasm or just gas.

Anyways, heres the latest scan which was taken at 17 weeks...its a side view of the baby and you can sorta see the spine that is connected to the head...SORTA...its on our fridge right now and being held by those magnets...

Till next time...ALOHAZ!!!