Sunday, June 27, 2010

So Bad!

Bad at blogging! Must blog more! Probly wont happen...

LATEST NEWS: We are in Oakley, Idaho for 6 weeks

Maverick - Done with his internship...He had fun at the physical therapist place...Still what he wants to do as a career...Got to watch surgery which was the highlight of the internship in my opinion...Had his first Father's Day which was great..Got him tickets to Hawaiian Water Park for when we get back to Hawaii...

Hyrum and daddy on daddys day

Me - Loves spending all day everyday with Hyrum...Soooo tiring but very rewarding...brought 2 projects (archive Hyrum photos and finish quiet book) and doing pretty good at finishing both...Earning all the money this summer while we are on vacation...Doing a few hours a week for updating Ke Alaka'i website and facebook...Also, got to do some hula teaching for dance camp last week for $20/hr...Their real teacher got her appendix out 2 days before camp starts so they were looking everywhere for a replacement...Have never taught Hula before but I got by and word on town is that the girls LOVED it!!!

The girls that I taught Hula to

Hyrum - Crazy, happy, silly, smart, spoiled little fellah...Is now 5 months old...Has everyone wrapped around his chubby little fingers...LOVES LOVES LOVES being outdoors...Can somewhat sit up and wiggle crawl forward...Makes A LOT of funny noises, A LOT of funny faces which makes for A LOT of funny moments...A major slobberer which we found out last week was because of his 3rd and 4th tooth coming in on his top gums...Im teaching him to say 'mama' and Mav is teaching to say 'dada', we are having a competition on which one will he say first...