Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sleep Solution...ANYONE???

Alright blogger world...


The boy is NOT sleeping and we have have ENOUGH!

We have been in our house for about 2 months now and I have NEVER spent the night on my bed.

We are pretty consistent with our bedtime routine. 
Dinner, bathtime, stories with milk, brush teeth, prayers then night night.

Most of the time he goes down without a problem and by 7:30-8:00 (as long as I am in the room with him).

Then I leave and he is good for a while (3-4 hours)

Then he wakes up and wont go back to sleep unless I go back in the room. 
I dont have to do anything though, I just sit there. 

If I have enough energy I go back to our room.
This usually happens twice then I am too tired so I end up sleeping in his room for the rest of the night.


Any ideas how we can change this? 

Crying it out DOES NOT work! 

We tried it when he was 4 months, 6 months and right when we moved in. This boy has STAMINA!!! He would cry for 30mins stop and fall asleep for about 5mins then repeat the process. 

We are honestly not believers of the crying it out method...At least not for Hyrum. He could and would cry for 3 hours (or more) straight. And we dont want that.

My theory is that he has major separation anxiety.

He was sleeping in the same room as us up until 2 months ago.
When he was an infant, I would put him in our bed and nurse him back to sleep.
When he got a bit older, I would just put him straight back to our bed whenever he would wake up.
The 4 months that we were in NZ he was on the same bed as me every night.

It just seemed easier that way.

So how do I break it?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving On

We FINALLY have internet! Its amazing how much we rely on technology nowadays.

Although it was a nice break, we were both itching to get connected again.

Sooo I have somewhat caught up with life.

Key word - SOMEWHAT

But as life goes on now matter how behind you are, here is what we have been up to.

After my one week stint of being deathly sick with major vertigo and loss of hearing on my left ear, Maverick and I went on a house hunting frenzy.

It took us two weeks to find out humble abode.

A little two bedroom apartment just slightly bigger than TVA but $200 cheaper.

I think that it is perfect for what we need right now.  Hyrum has his own bedroom (which he is still getting used to) and the washer, dryer, fridge and stove comes with.

The day we signed the lease they gave us our keys and we had our first dinner there. We moved in the next day.
10 mins walk from Mavs work, 3 mins to the church, 10 mins walk to our doctor, 5 mins to the city center, 15 mins to the grocery store and 10 mins to the hospital.  Walking distance things are pretty important to me since driving isnt any use to me.  We are also pretty close to the library, the dollar store, post office, city hall, our bank, number of parks and about 10 mins drive to WalMart, DI, and fast food places.

So we were pretty stoked when we found it, and signed the least right away. Then moved the next day. hehe.

Right now, we are still pretty much a mess. We are still missing a couple of dressers, a Hyrum bed (he is on a futon on the floor at the moment), and just more organization. But, im ok with it.

As for other news, Maverick works for Impact Athletic as a personal trainer. Burley (where we are currently living) is a pretty small town so I was shocked when I first saw the size of the gym that he works at. 

The best thing about it (at least for me) is that we get FREE gym memberships! 

Which means free access to an indoor pool, cardio room, weights room, basketball courts, racquetball courts, volleyball courts, sauna/steam room, walking/running track, spinning studio, and massage therapy.  They also have a few group fitness classes but I am only interested in zumba and aqua zumba. Best part is, they also have CHILD CARE services! Well we have only dropped Hyrum off once and it didnt go very good since he saw Maverick out on one of the windows. So no perks with that one just yet but we'll keep trying and one of these days we'll be able to take advantage of it.

So yah, dats about it...

This has been a rambling post. I think its been too long since I last posted so ive forgotten how to blog. 

Maybe i'll try harder next time...