Thursday, March 31, 2011

April IS the month

Yesterday I got the letter that I have been patiently waiting for.

The one from the US Embassy Consulate.

The one that was suppose to say we can leave and be with Maverick for his graduation.


no such luck...

My interview is not until April 21.

So my poor husband is ALONE...graduating and packing up our house.

I am very disappointed to say the lease.

I didnt know my time in beautiful Hawaii would abruptly end. Let alone be away from Maverick for such a long time.

So if you see Maverick during graduation, give him some love from us.

We miss him tonnes!

On the other hand, at lease we now know that APRIL is definitely the month.

Unless US still dont want me and decide to deny my visa again.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whitianga Vacay

Favourite shot from our 5-day Whitianga vacation last week. 

The trip, once again, reminded me of how BEAUTIFUL New Zealand is.

PS. I was impressed with my point and shoot camera during this trip. My SLR camera broke a few of weeks im gonna be trusting my point and shoot camera for a while. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ive Been TAGGED!

...for four times four.

places i go
1. Normanton Park
2. Glenfield library
3. Glenfield mall
4. Takapuna chapel

4 favorite movies or tv shows
1. Parenthood
2. Teen mom
3. Glee
4. Sound of Music

favorite smells
1. Freshly cut grass
2. Pine trees
3. BBQ
4. Frying garlic

1. Always look on the bright side of life
2. Count your many blessings
3. Go to Brigham Young University - Hawaii
4. Families are the most important part of life. Material things will disappear but families can be together forever.

people to tag
1. Janice
2. Drena
3. Sam Taylor
4. Mikensi

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Dear Daddy,

Another day older and wiser too!


Wish we were with you to celebrate your special day.  

So mommy and I decided to go out to Lollipops Playland to honour your birthday.

I had a lot of fun DRIVING.

I might even be able to drive before mommy can.

 I also went down the BIG SLIDE.

But my favourite was the BALL PIT!

I had lots of FUN!

But mommy wont stop taking pictures.

And I got a lollipop when we left

And I was pooped after all that playing.

We both LOVE you SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!

Mommy said to tell you that WE LOVE YOU this much ][ 
From one ] and around the world to the other  [.

We miss you sooooo much and I am very excited to see you soon.

Love you,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not a Good Day...

I feel...


thats a screaming, frustrated, impatient, annoyed kinda sound.

Hyrum was grumpy and I could not figure out what he wanted.

I was grumpy because he was grumpy which made me grumpier. and the cycle goes on.

To top it off, i got my monthly reminder that im a woman. GREAT!

I fed him so he stopped crying...then he cried again. We played so he stopped for a few minutes...then he cried again. Bathed him so he stopped...then cried again. Put him down for a nap which took a lot longer and he (we) slept for 30 mins...then he woke up crying.

It was one of those days.

So I let him cry. and cry. and cry. and cry. 

Till my dad woke up (hes in night shift this week so hes asleep during the day) and he picked Hyrum up and gave him all the attention that he wanted. He still cried. But my dad handled it.

Im glad that the day is over!

and tomorrow is a NEW day.

I will face it with a new attitude.

Besides, we are going to the Hamilton Temple. So it should be a good day.