Monday, February 17, 2014

Fantastic Four

Mr. Hyrum Ichiro is now FOUR!

One more year and he will be in school.
I get all sorts of anxiety thinking bout this.

To start of he is now 42" tall and 42.2lbs. 
His doctor is predicting that he will be way over 6ft when he's all done growing. 

This little firecracker is wild and wonderful! 
He is forever in motion and still posses an incredible amount of energy. 
On a typical hour he can be a flying cannonball, a karate chopping ninja, a hip shaking dancer, a very loud singer, a manic bulldozer and a crayzee somersaulting superhero that just had 3 cans of Red Bull. He will jump off of anything that he can jump off of, he will climb anything that is climbable, he karate chops air, paper, water, sticks, bubbles, Legos, grass, bread, the dog, his sister...just to name a few. So my days can be quite exhausting trying to entertain his adventurous little soul!

He is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING! He welcomes the world with a vigorous GOOD MORNING and that same energy carries on throughout the day. 
I could definitely use some of his energy, especially in the morning. 

But he also has a soft side. 
He LOVES giving lots and lots and lots of big squishy (choking) hugs and kisses to all of the people that he loves. So if you are lucky enough to receive one of his death grip hugs then you are loved. The tighter they are the more he loves you...

He is my true Hawaii-born child and absolutely LOVES the water. In the Philippines he learned to swim underwater for short periods and I couldn't be any prouder. We have been putting off giving him swim lessons but this summer we really need to get on to it. Maybe we have a future Olympian in our hands...

He is a great company. He would definitely talk your ear off with his never-ending stories about all of his wonderful observations in this world. Or he will ask you thousands of questions that will make you feel cornered in a big empty room. He is genuinely interested in how things work and why things do what they do. Some make for some pretty interesting conversations. Although, it may take a while for him to finish a story since he has a lisp and a stutter when he gets too excited about what he is talking about. 
He is always so eager to learn. He can write his name quite well and is starting to get the idea of coloring pictures. His favorite thing to draw are trees for some reason. 
His tree artwork
He is finally in Sunbeams at church and I have loved getting all of his Sunbeams artwork and hearing all about what they learned that day. 

Happy 4th Birthday little bud! 
Stay as you are coz we love every crazy thing about you.

And here is his annual birthday interview