Friday, October 23, 2015

My Ninja is Five

NOTE: This is being published 9 months too late...ooppsss!

What the crazy! 
My baby is now FIVE! 

Totally just went to sleep with a ginormous pregnant tummy and now he is FIVE! 

He has grown like a weed this past year and will probably out grow me in 2 years. 
No kidding...

This year, Hyrum asked for a ninja party since he is all things ninja right now. 

I was actually pretty excited about this one and I had a lot of fun planning it. We are in a very tight budget so I really had to be quite creative to save some money. Which actually worked out quite nicely since I loved making everything. 

Hyrum had the time of his life having all his friends in one place. 

He is a sweet boy and will make some girls heart melt someday. He will randomly come and give me a hug n kiss multiple times of the day and say "I just love you so much mom!". He is quite the charmer and I am quite content to still have my cuddle buddy. Gotta make the most out of it while he's still willing to give me cuddles. 

Although, I made him promise that he will still give me hugs and kisses even when he's all grown up. Even in front of his friends. He knows he made the promise and I will make sure he remembers it. 

He is a smarty pants. I am so sad that he is starting school this year. I have all sorts of anxieties about letting him go but he is super excited to go and I know that he will be fine. My once attached little buddy who would just scream and bawl when I would leave the room is now ready for the world. He is gonna rock it for sure! But a part (a lot) of me is just terrified for him to see the world in a different perspective. 

For this year, my wish for Hyrum so to have courage. Every night before bed, we pray that they can have courage to help them sleep through the night in their own beds.  Well my wish is for him to have courage to stand up to anything. From monsters under his bed to other kids who challenge his agency and most especially to the cruel world and all the trials that come with it. I wish that he focuses on the good things that life has to offer. 

He is super smart and his questions are harder than ever! I get stumped at times with his curiosities which then gets turned into learning opportunities for both he and I as we look for answers to his questions.

His brain is a sponge. We have a few learning shows for him and he soaks up what he learns from them then randomly tells us facts about roadrunners and scary looking deep sea creatures. 

He loves being independent. Picks and changes his own clothes, rides a bike without training wheels, makes his own ham sandwich, makes his bed, does his hair, pours himself his own milk/water just to name a few. We are working on taking a shower by himself and tying his shoes at the moment. Maybe I should start teaching him how to cook now too...  

He is quite the big brother. We have our fair share of sibling rivalries but when they are getting along, it is just perfect! They have the BEST imaginary games together and I love listening to their conversations. We have Batman rescuing Princesses from burning buildings, flying cardboard cars, hot lava carpets,  happening in our house frequently. 

He has his own ideas and knows exactly how to get them. He plans out what he wants and how he is going to execute them and I love it. If he wants to build a rocket out of a cardboard box, he will do a blueprint first and gather all of the equipment that he needs. I love seeing his brain working. He loves to be challenged and is always looking for ways to learn. 

To my crazy Hy, You are the funnest, most energetic, wildest, coolest kid I know.
Life is more exciting having you around. You are perfect just the way you are.

Love you to infinity and beyond...

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