Friday, October 23, 2015

Little Miss is Three

NOTE: This is being published 9 months too late...ooppsss!

Wow! 3 years old already!

I love this cute little sassy, sweetheart and her sneaky way of 

wrapping everyone around her little fingers. 

For her actual birth-day, we made her requested breakfast, French toast topped with chocolate (milo) with bacon and banana.  She got to eat on our special 'Star of the Day' plate which is always fun. 

Then she opened presents before heading over to the mall so she can go shopping with her birthday money from grandma and grandpa. 

For her special day this year, we went to Hands On for a princess party where she got to paint a ceramic crown and have lunch with Princess Ana and Queen Elsa. She was definitely in cloud nine! Every minute or so she would give me a big hug and say, "I love you mommy!" Definitely loved my princess date with my bebe girl!

She has quite the personality! Always talking, always sassy and always one step ahead of us. 

I read an article a couple weeks ago called "Signs you are living with a Threenager" and oh my heck it hit the nail hard on the head!  Move over terrible twos because this threenager is in the house! 

With that in mind, I definitely expect great things from my Halia because man, her defiance is wearing Mav and I out!!!

She LOVES to sing. She is ALWAYS singing. She always has 'last song syndrome' but most of the time she makes up her own songs. My fave is while grocery shopping, "I am singing this song, I like to sing songs, it is fun, and I am singing!" Then she's turn to me and say "I made that song up!" 

She is quite the chatterbox. All day, everyday, she is narrating everything that she is doing or telling stories or just plainly blabbering about all her observations around her cute little world. 
 Speaking of independence, she is in the "I can do it" stage. Picking/changing clothes "I can do it", pouring a drink "I can do it", putting shoes on "I can do it", buckling her seatbelt "I can do it", brushing her teeth/hair "I can do it". Which is great! But we have had some pretty interesting clothes combination (and some pretty awesome ones too). There are times when I pull my hair out waiting for her slooowllly do things herself. It takes a lot of patience since she can't do it as fast as I want her to especially coz mommy is usually running late. 

Three years old is when we start doing our annual birthday interviews so here is little miss first birthday interview. 

To my crazy Heeya Chiya, we love every bit of you and all of your fun little quirks. Our days are definitely more exciting when we have your sassiness and charm sprinkled throughout it. You are a beautiful Child of God and we are so grateful that you have been sent to us. 

Love you to infinity and beyond!

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