Friday, July 31, 2009

6 Weeks Summary

SOOOO...ive been pretty lazy with updating lately...Althought there is A LOT of things to update on...but in any case, we are now back in Hawaii and the heat here is sooooo TIRING!!!!

Anyways, we were in New Zealand from June 12 till July 28 which actually turned out to be a pretty long vacation.  So long that we ended up being a little bored at times (specially since we live in the North Shore of Auckland where there really isnt anything to do if you're watching your budget).  Regardless, we had a lot of fun times with family and friends.  It always feels different when I am in the house that I grew up in living with my family.  I know Maverick will disagree that NZ isnt really 'my home' anymore since we have our own house in Hawaii.  But I say 'home' is where your heart is, and my heart is also in my parents house.  A person can have 2 homes, right?

So we took it easy the first couple of weeks, but events started to pick up after a while.  Specially right before our 6 month later wedding reception.  I think its going to be kinda boring to read it all so im gonna tell my story with pictures, as they are more exciting.  

This is us arriving at New Zealand...I love that carving entrance thing at the airport

Minigolfing in Albany...notice how I was is full winter gear with a jumper, long pants and boots and Maverick has his shorts and slippers on...

Just chillin at Takapuna beach with Rangitoto Island barely showing behind my head

I was a little confused how I was to get in that tiny box to use the toilet at my doctors office.

Picked up my unaccompanied minor cousins from Australia at the airport with their 'jail tags'
My best friends Marje and Jam threw me a Spice Girls themed bridal party.  It was soooo much fun hanging out with the girls and enjoying some really good junk foods.

Got my hair trimmed...

Fed the TOO friendly birds at Pupuke Lake

Released our inner creativity at Paint the Earth and spent quality time painting ceramics

This is what I (and Maverick helped out a bit) came up with.  It still looks chalky coz it hasnt been fired yet.  After it got fired it was all glossy and cool.

2 more cousins (and their parents) came the day before the reception from the Philippines.  This was us at Takapuna Beach with Rangitoto Island in the background.

This is us setting up the reception the night before
This is the finished product...took us a while to get it done but we did it

The chaos before we headed over to the photoshot. 

Taking pictures at the Auckland Museum.  The pics turned out great! ill post some on facebook because its easier that way coz theyre pretty big resolution.
This is us after the reception...TIRED!!! but it was soooo much FUN!!!!!

The next day we drove about 3 hours south of Auckland to Taupo and we stayed there for 3 day. My cousins from the Philippines bungy jumped which was so cool! I gotta admit that I was kinda jealous, but gotta make sacrifices for the lizard incubating in my tummy.  We did a few more activities including the famous Taupo Lake hole-in-one, where we could win up to $5000 if you get the hole-in-one which is located in the middle of the lake.  No luck though...

We went to see snow at Mt. Ruapehu and walked around Rotorua after.  As you can see, we like those jumping pics

Maverick and I went to this animal park place where they had a lion sanctuary on one side then kind off a feeding part on the other side.  It was cool coz they had all sorts of animals like deer, sheep, pigs, ducks, wombats, wallabies, possums, fishes and others.

Before the Australia cousins left, we went to town so they can ride the Sky Screamer...which is basically a slingshot...I rode it about 3 years ago and it was soooo scary...but it was fun watching them.

After getting the flu and being put on quarantine for 3 days, we drove to Kerikeri which was about 3 hours north of Auckland and we stayed there for 1 week with a bunch of family friends.
 Eating fish and chips at the famous Mangonui shop
We went to the northern most tip on New Zealand which is called Cape Reinga.

  And the huge sand dunes

 Went fishing at a wharf in Russell, where I call all the fish that we took home for dinner that night.

 Visited Tane Mahuta.  A 250 year old Kauri Tree.


 We also took a family picture with shirts from the Philippines with fun saying written in the front.

So that was just a summary of our 6 weeks vacation in New Zealand...It was a lot a lot of fun but we sure are glad to be back in Hawaii.

Ow and here is a picture of our smiling cant really tell that much on this picture but on the real film you can tell that its smiling...hehehe...they look so comfy though dont they...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Baby Mitton

A few people already knew but we kept it a secret for a while...but i think that it is finally time to show him or her off...

This was our first ultra sound scan and it was super exciting!  Maverick and I got to hear its heartbeat which was crazy!!! and we saw it move got a bit shy when the doctor was recording since it wouldnt move...until the very end when it wiggled a little and waved goodbye.  Its still pretty surreal that there is a baby growing inside of me because i havent gotten any pregnancy symptoms.  no morning sickness, no cravings, no vomiting or anything (and im hoping it stays that way).  ive just been needing to eat and eat and eat, which is great coz im in New Zealand right now.  In other words, freeloading from the parentals.  

So right now I am 11 weeks pregnant and lovin it!