Friday, January 25, 2013


And alas, my once tiny timid little angel has been in this world now for a whole year!

Time sure flies! 

And I am so grateful that I got to witnessing yet another one of Gods amazing miracle grow before my very eyes. Even if my once timid (and I was very hopeful that she stayed that way) turn into a rambunctious very energetic little rascal full of attitude.
She now weighs 21.8lbs and is 30" tall. Slightly smaller measurements than Hyrum was but it's ok coz she is growing healthy and doing well in all aspects.
Look at that cheeky smirk.
It's crazy how personality shows at such an early age. We know for sure that this one is going to be trouble. So young and already so stubborn. 
My mum would probly say that she just got it from me.

She is a force to be reckoned with. If there is something that she wants and can't or we won't give it to her, she will shrill and wail and ohmy heck she will let it be known that she is NOT happy!

We have to be extra alert now coz she is literally everywhere! She is a climber baby and climbs on anything and everything that is climbable. 

She started walking mid November but didn't prefer it until beginning of December, then there was no turning back. She loves her new found freedom and utilizes it especially while trying to keep up with Hyrum.

She can sign milk, food, more, please, all done and bath but only do it when the words are mentioned, not on her own accord yet.

She says 'didiii' for daddy and a loud stern 'MA!' to call me. Or if I say "say mama" she says "papa". Really not fair! We don't know if there's a specific call for Hyrum yet but she usually gets his attention by slapping him.

She is quite the chatterbox. We don't understand a lot anything of what she says but it still very cute sounds and we like to make up words based on her sounds. But she 'talks' a lot and right to our faces too like we really understand. I'm sure she will be talking our ear off sooner or later. She also likes to sing and makes the funniest facials while belting it out.

So it's been a year...

Rushing out the door to go to the emergency room in the dead of the night. Then have her born 26 minutes after getting admitted.

Being handed a precious tiny 5lbs 15oz little miracle was just as breathtaking the second time around. 

Just as unbelievable that I (and I guess Maverick too) can make something so perfect.

It's been a tough year, yet a great year! My 'Heeya Mia' has definitely made it a lot more exciting, a lot more stressful, a lot more harder yet a lot more worth it!

To my beautiful bebe girl,

Happy happy FIRST birthday!

Only one year in our lives and you have already given us so much happiness, so much excitement, and so much blessings.

I love you. And will always love you to the moon and back times infinity.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summarizing 2012

2012 brought me a lot of blessings, a lot of hardships, a lot of trials, a lot of joy and a lot of of discovery.

Firstly, I was given a beautiful baby girl. She keeps me on my toes everyday but her presence is truly precious.

I accomplished traveling a total of 45 hours with just me and the two kids to spend a wonderful 5 weeks with my friends and family in New Zealand.

Mav moved to a new apartment while we were in NZ for the second time.

This year I also gained more freedom by finally getting my drivers license.

And we bought a minivan.

I leaned how to balance two kids and cook and (not so much) clean for four.

I trained a child how to use the potty (and I hated it!)

I watched an infant grow into a toddler...
Top left January till December bottom right
And a toddler grow into a boy.
Top left January till December bottom right 
I coexisted with a hardworking opinionated loving handsome mr. right who I love eternally. And we celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary this year.

I took thousands of pictures to remember thousands of wonderful memories, had many sleepless nights, kissed hundreds of owwies, changed lots of diapers, wasted lots of time on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, did the 60-day Insanity workout, learned how to sew on a sewing machine, tried to be crafty to maintain my sanity, cooked more, cleaned more, enjoyed the outdoors more and prayed more.

So with that, well wishes to everyone! 
Hoping that your 2013 is full of blessings, happiness, good health and
more precious memories.

January 2012
December 2012