Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 months pregnant + 10 hours of traveling is NOT fun!

So I am in Austin, Texas right now for the 88th Annual National College Media Convention.  I got sent here with 3 other workmates for my work at the school newspaper and it is nothing like I expected.  This convention is huge!  It is located in the Hilton Hotel (which is also where we are staying) and throughout the three days, there are numerous workshops and lectures from professionals around the country about things concerning college campus news rooms.  So basically its for for writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers and other journalist related materials.  Its pretty cool!  There are thousands of college students roaming around the hotel right now from all over the country.  This must be one of the busiest times in this hotel cause people are just everywhere.  Our room is on the 24th floor and its such a long time to get down to the lobby cause the elevator literary stops at every single level. 

So about the traveling...NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!

I love love to travel! Long plane rides with small economy seats doesnt bother me that much either.  My trick is that I get myself so tired the night before so that I can sleep all through the flight and wake up just before landing.  So that's what I did.  As it turned out, this trick doesnt really agree with pregnancy.  Besides, baby had a different plan...he wanted to play and poke and kick and just not settle the whole dang time!  So I pretty much stayed up the whole of the flight.  Then we had a very short layover in Houston where we had to rush off to our next flight.  So pretty much jogging from one terminal to another because Houston airport is HUMANGUUUUSSSS!!!!! Then the most turbulencey (not a word but oh well) flight I have even been in.  Our plane from Houston to Austin was this little mini plane with 3 seats per row.  It was crazy small and we felt every little tug and every little drop!  It didnt help that we were going through rain clouds aswell.  Anyways, we got to Austin in prefect condition and our wonderful boss, Sis. Lambert, picked us up from the airport with her sister.  

So basically, if any of you pregnant people out there plans on getting on a plane for 10 hours. Prepare yourself for have a very very LONG day!  Its hard to get comfortable with all the baggage moving around your tummy.  

Oh and for the record, because it cost extra to take check in a baggage.  This is the first time that I have ever travelled with everything in my carry on baggage.  Cant exactly say that I am traveling light though because it still got pretty heavy. 

and im going to be boring and not put photos on this entry.  Ill do it when I get back in Hawaii...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its been a while...

im not very good when it comes to creative blog title so that will do...

First of all, we are now down to double digits with the waiting game to see our baby boy.  We have a good amount of clothes already given by friends or found in the freebie bin.  We also ha
ve a swing and a bouncer then we are buying the car seat, stroller and crib during the thanksgiving sale.  All the other stuff well get i guess when we need...hehehe...

Anyways, since everyone (meaning my mother) wants frequent updates on how the pregnancy is going, im going to do a quick run down...i am now on my 26th week and this is how my belly looks like right now

which is a lot different from how i used to look like the day that we found out that I was pregnant.

So I am definitely DEFINITELY showing now.  Especially that this little boy is now 2 pounds and growing every day.  He is also making his presence know by making my tummy move.  Its really weird but also very cool to see and feel a foot kicking or a hand punching or sometimes both at the same time.  

Here's an ultra sound picture of his feet and hands

and here one of his profile

Last wednesday we had to go to a fetal diagnostics place to get a heart echo.  My sister died of a congenital heart defect when she was a baby so the doctor wanted to check my baby if there was anything to be alarmed off.  Luckily, everything was great! His heart seems to be beating great and all the arteries and tubes and stuff are all at the right place so we have nothing to worry about.  But because of the echo, we had the opportunity to see baby in 3d!  It was pretty cool coz he really looks like a baby now...hehehe...

Here are some of the scans.  He was hiding behind his hands most of the time and the doctor tried so hard to make him move.  

and now to end this blog entry, id like to tell the tale of the shallowing tummy button.  My belly button was super big and super deep.  Maverick always makes fun of it because you can stick like 2 fingers in it comfortably.  Regardless, I have come to accept it and appreciated it.  but now, its getting shallow!  I know im weird for sharing, but i think that one of the things that happen to tummies when they expand because of pregnancy is that it eventually turns inside out.  And i think that its pretty darn cool that it does that.  So heres a picture of my tummy button at present time.  I just think that its funny and im excited for it to pop out...hehehe...
And for my friends and family that are in New Zealand and other parts of the world, heres a few more pictures of how big the tummy is at 26 weeks.  Its getting heavy having to carry it around but I gotta do what I gotta do.