Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christ-Centered Christmas

It's Christmas Eve!!!

With all the moving craziness the week before Christmas, I havent had the chance to update the MANY happenings that has occurred recently.

But, of coarse, the most important event right now is CHRISTMAS.

Since Halloween ended, we started getting into the Christmas spirit coz it is Mavericks favorite holiday. So weve been listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies and such for quite a while now.

This year though I have been paying more attention on Christmas traditions and how I can make it more meaningful. Especially with my growing family, I want to start now on what I want Hyrum and future children to know about Christmas. 

I have noticed that it seems Christmas is now more centered towards spending money on presents, decorations and Santa. Which is all well and good to make the holiday season feel special from any other days BUTTTT what is the real meaning of Christmas?
So Merry CHRISTmas everyone!

Always remember the reason for season.

Friday, December 9, 2011

New Developments

Maverick got a new job. YAY!
He is now a Rehabilitation Aide at a big fancy new hospital in Twin Falls. DOUBLE YAY!

But he gets paid less than his personal trainer job. BOO!
But we figured it's better in the long run since he is pretty much doing what a Physical Therapist Assistant does, without the certification (hence the lower pay grade). YAY!?

But it's about 45mins away (more during snowy days) from wer we live now. BOO!
So we gotta move. DOUBLE BOO!

We have been searching for another place with hopes to move by Christmas but it's been harder than anticipated. BOO!

So wish us luck that we can get the ball rolling sooner rather than later and be settled into a new place n environment before our lives gets turned upside down again with a newborn.