Thursday, December 24, 2009


So we never got around to printing our Christmas I thought doing it online would be good enough for now...SORRY!!! ill try harder next year...that way it would be a lot more interesting since theres gonna be a baby...

Anyways, wishing everyone a very very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! 

...ow stretch marks...

finally got em at 35 weeks...and i thought i was going to get away with the whole pregnancy without getting one...ow wells!

This girl that used to go to BYUH said at church one day that she was complaining to her husband about all the scar-like stretch marks that she was getting from her expanding belly...then her husband told her that she was not the only one that got scars...Jesus suffered for all of our sins and got scars from it...

Such a great way of looking at it...might not look very nice but it is all worth it...a little price to pay for a wonderful blessing...

2 more weeks till im full term!  2 more weeks and I can evict this baby...i just hope he cooperates and would want to get out sooner rather than later....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

525,600 minutes and counting...

18th of December marked our one year of marriage!  This time last year, we were at freezing cold Utah getting sealed for time and all eternity...the year has pretty much gone by so everyone always says...and it has been an AMAZING year full of fun memories, great time and more importantly, numerous blessings!

To celebrate, we decided to go big!!! but as poor students, funds are VERY we had to be creative...

Here's what we got up to...

We exchanged presents on the 17th nighttime coz Maverick can never wait.  One year anniversary 'motif' thing is paper so we wanted to do something with paper...Mav got me a funny board game called Smart A** and a 2010 planner...and I got him a Dallas Cowboys tie (nothing to do with paper but oh wells), a Hawaiian marriage prayer poster and made him this poster.  

The 18th morning was graduation for Fall sem so we went to campus to take some pictures for my work...We werent in any hurry to leave the house so we just took our time to get ready for our actual celebration...which is CAMPING!!!

I know my parents are going  freak that I went camping in the woods when im 8 months pregnant but it was an opportunity that i just couldnt past.  As Kualoa Ranch employees, they have a privilege to camp at designated area on the ranch.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! 


Roasting my marshmallows
Mav got me another green coconut

So we set up our tent, Maverick built a fire (we forgot to bring a lighter so he summoned Kap's spirit from the Samoan village and started a fire using coconut husk and the little car lighter), roasted marshmallows, had huli-huli chicken and sparkling apple cider for dinner, and frolicked with no one else but us two and nature!  When the Ranch closed at 4pm the whole 4,000 acres was left to us two (and the many animals that live there, including a lot of wild boars).

We only stayed for a night since my belly would probably be complaining more than it did if we stayed longer.  We got a perfect weather for the whole night.  No rain and nice and breezy!  It was a great night to remember.

  We woke up the next day and enjoyed the God's creation again over muffins and apple juice for breakfast.  

  And we found this little lady inside our was chillin with us the whole night

Then Kualoa Ranch employee benefits kick in again and we got to on the movie set tour and the ocean voyage tour for FREE!!! (normally it would cost $105 per person).  It was my first time on it so I had a lot of fun...Maverick go on these tours every single day for the past 8 months so he wasnt as excited as I was...Ill let the photos do the talking...

Inside our tour bus Inside a bunker used for a lot of movies like Pearl Harbour
The tree that they hid under in Jurassic Park
Where Adam Sandler tried to get Drew's attention numerous times...and Drew beat up Rob Schnider here too

The airport that Owen Wilson landed on
Our tour bus

These 4 photos were taken the day before the tour.  It was raining during our actual tour so we didnt get a chance to hop off the bus...good thing Mav took me here before we went camping.
This is Hurley's golf coarse...there are lots of other Lost sites around the ranch.
Jurassic Park footprints...they use to be 10ft deep.

Ocean Voyage tour
Kualoa Ridge and China Man's Hat behind us

  This is where we docked...same dock that Lost submarine goes into

  Mav with the Ranch HUGE pic, Wilbur...

After a long tiring day, we headed back home to clean up and take a little rest.  I was super super tired so I had a nice long nap.  To end the celebration, we took advantage of ANOTHER thing from Kualoa Ranch which was a $50 dinner voucher for Sheraton Hotel.  Maverick got it from their Christmas party about a week we had dinner at Sheraton Waikiki at a fancy shmancy restaurant called Rum Fire.  

Food was GREAT! we just wish we had more of it...since its a fancy touristy restaurant, the serving sizes where teeny! Were not complaining though since we only paid $10 for a 3 course meal.  
Mav had Kalua pork quesadilla and I had a carne asada. its not really a mexican food restaurant but we just ended up ordering mexican food. hehehe.
For dessert Mav had a red velvet cake with strawberry sauce (the menu said MINT coated red velvet cake with strawberry sauce...all the mint were those leaves that hes holding...we laughed!) and I had a chocolate haupia pie with mango sauce and chocolate coated peanuts

Maverick didnt get anywhere near full with the food from Rum Fire so we walked our way down the Waikiki strip to Burger King and got him a meal. hehehe.

Then we had a time to waste so we just chillaxed in busy Waikiki before heading home and calling it a night.

525,600 minutes down, eternity to go!  I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey, shopping and 50 days

So I know this post is a little late for a Thanksgiving post but i say better late than never...

So this years Thanksgiving is our first ever married Thanksgiving together (we had Thanksgiving with his family in Idaho last year).  We thought we'd make a big deal out of it since we are starting "traditions".  This means cooking our first ever 16lbs turkey!

 Before After

Turned out really good! In fact, we are still pretty much relied on the turkey feeding us for a week n a half.

Besides the turkey, we also had A LOT of other food.  Candied yams, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, cheesy beans, potato salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, sparkling apple cider, jello and cinnamon rolls.   and most of them were handmade by either Mav or I...mostly him tho...

Before our feast, Maverick played Turkey Bowl with people from our ward.  Its a Thanksgiving tradition to play football the morning of Thanksgiving day.  Of coarse I couldnt join in the fun so I just sat there watching them play while talking stories with a new mother who was giving me some motherhood advice.  It was a great morning.

Look at my goofy husband...he insisted on wearing his high school football uniform and the ugly red shorts...but he still looked good!

After having A LOT of food, we took a nice long nap and woke up for more food.  Then we met up with Jacob and Janice to watch New Moon at the theaters.

The next day is Black Friday (which is when shops go crazy insane because of sales and people line up outside the big stores from like midnight to get good deals) I dunno why its called Black Friday though.  Anyways, we left the house at 6am with Jacob and Janice to head over to Target and other stores in the Pearl City area.  We were kinda disappointed coz none of the stuff that we wanted to get where discounted big, but we still had fun just driving around and experiencing the whole thing.  The best thing though was when we went to Babies r' Us and saw this...
It pretty much made our day...I didnt bring a camera so this was taken with a camera phone so it isnt such a good quality.  Janice and I posed under it but the picture wasnt good at all so I didnt bother putting it in...

To end my long overdue entry, 50 days means there are only 50 days till my due date!  We are pretty much ready with all the accessories and necessary things but i guess the 50 days is appreciated to further prepare ourselves.

Here's me at 32 weeks.