Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby No.2 - First Post

I just realized that besides the 'announcement' post, I havent really blogged about my second pregnancy.

Soooo, here is me now at 23 weeks

I think I look a lot different from 23 weeks with Hyrum

Im a lot pointier this time which is great coz I didnt like my squareness last time.

Being pregnant with a crazy toddler around is a lot different from being pregnant with nothing to do.

For one thing, I am more motivated to go on walks since its hard to keep Hyrum indoors.

Which is great coz that means I will most probly not gain anywhere near the 60 lbs. that I gained with Hyrum. I have been trying to pay good attention to my weight gain this time around coz I worked really hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight last time. Plus, it really isnt very healthy to gain that much that fast. So far im at 11 lbs!

Anyways, I had a fairly easy pregnancy with Hyrum and so far, this one has lived up to the same expectations (knock on wood). Besides the usual 'I gotta eat every 2 hours', I havent really had any sort of cravings. Well, I guess except for that one time that I saw someone eating mint chocolate chip ice cream on Desperate Housewife.

I have noticed a BIG difference on movement though. By this time with Hyrum, I was feeling somersaults a la Cirque du Soleil circus happening in my tummy. I guess that is probably why Hyrum is a GREAT big ball of energy! This one is very timid. I only feel her 2-4 times a day and are usually very very light taps. Maybe its coz its a girl but hopefully its coz she is going to be a timid baby who will be satisfied just sitting there observing her crazy brother run around like a mad dog. Well, one can hope right...

As for names, I THINK we have one picked out. Still not 100% sure about it though. We havent told anyone yet (even parents) but I am am pretty happy about it because it has a great meaning which is really near and dear to me.

We are still very much STRESSED and WORRIED about our financial situations with this baby seeing that I dont have any insurance BUT we are happy that we are all healthy and we are happy that we are all HAPPY! Which is the most important thing. Besides, its only fitting that the girl is already costing us sooooo much. (First pregnancy was under 'government insurance Quest' so we didnt see any bills).

Wells, thats about it for now...

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  1. well u looked cute! and yes i rather spend my time outside to get the toddlers energy out and have them messing up my house. i cannot wait to see pics of the little girl.