Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#14 Leisure Reading

I got off on a pretty good start on my 30 things before 30 and I actually finished the Divergent series before September ended! Booyahh!!!

I definitely liked the first book better than the movie (which is usually the case), but the third book got a little slow and dare I say it, boring. Too much genetic engineering mumbo jumbo which is not what I expected the book to head towards.
 Regardless, it was still a good read and the action picked up again towards the end. 

So the point of this is for me to get into leisure reading so I can keep my brain from getting rusty (even just a little). 
So the follow through is to keep reading!

I already have a couple of other books in line but I'm open to suggestions. Don't go all crazy though. I want nice easy exciting reads like Harry Potter and Divergent. 
I'm not quite ready to tackle Lord of the Rings just yet...

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